Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Worlington Movement

On Thursday, I was invited by my friend Heath Rosselli to visit her painting mentor, Rosa Branson, in London.

Both Heath and Rosa are highly successful professional artists working in the field of portraiture and charity commissions. They champion the use of traditional materials and techniques and have set up the Worlington movement to counter what they see as the appalling lack of teaching in these subjects  in present day art schools.

Rosa, now eighty, still paints for 7 hours a day. Her passion, enthusiasm and energy are truly inspiring. It was fascinating to see her vast canvasses in the flesh as we wandered round her home and studio. Disillusioned by the 5 years she spent at art school, she then studied under Dr. H. Ruhemann , chief restorer at the National Gallery in London. In order to preserve this knowledge she has written a book which is now in the process of being published.

Joining us for lunch was Prof. Michael Baum, one of Britain's leading cancer specialists and artist Israel Zohar. Mike is shortly to retire and has already taken up his interest in art, studying under Israel Z.

Over a generous  lunch, art dominated the menu as we explored the merits of traditional techniques versus reliance on technical aids and modern materials. It certainly produced some lively and entertaining discussions.

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