Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mixed Media 2

This time I thought I would create a painting using a combination of gouache and pastels. The reasoning behind this is that both mediums give very distinctive effects which are immensely suitable for the subject matter. The gouache I use when I need some precision or when I wish to take advantage of its painterly qualities, the pastel when I wish a softer , more blurred effect.

The support I have chosen is a fairly textured pastel paper in bright orange. It is a very deliberate choice as the subject matter is bold, colourful and full of movement. I block in the main composition in gouache, sometimes in a free, loose , almost watercolour technique. At other times I use a thicker impasto dragging it over the texture of the paper which can give beautiful broken, dappled effects.

I now apply pastel in broad strokes, and dabs and at other times blending and smoothing. The aim is to create the bright, almost garish light of a fairground and a huge sense of movement and energy as the merry go round spins by.

The finished painting.