Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bury St Edmunds Art Society

On Thursday evening I gave a portrait demonstration to the Bury St. Edmunds Art Society. Over 60 people turned up for the event and it turned out to be a most enjoyable occasion.
I have done quite a few demonstrations for them over the last few years, usually in oils. This time, however, a watercolour portrait was requested. As I have said in previous blogs this is the most demanding medium and it is rather like walking a tightrope without a safety net.
As is usually the case there were few volunteers to sit as the model so in the end I managed to "persuade" George who has attended a few of my classes and whom I know fairly well.
I began by showing a few samples of my work, some quick watercolour studies and a couple of finished pieces. I then demonstrated how to construct the head , looking at proportions, tone and the various individual features. Thereafter, I set to work on the painting, without any preliminary drawing whatsoever and using a combination of wet into wet and dry brush technique. Below is the portrait of George I produced.

I am pleased to say the audience was lively and enthusiastic. They asked numerous questions and a good banter took place. At times, however, I did begin to feel I was turning into my fellow compatriot, Billy Connolly!
The Bury Art Society is holding its Annual Exhibition at the Edmund gallery, Angel Hill, Bury St. Edmunds from 24th June -7th July.

"Mrs. McLeod wins a Prize in National Art Competition

This week I was delighted to be informed that my portrait of Mrs. McLeod has won a Daler Rowney Award at the Patchings National Art Competition in Nottinghamshire.

The competition is sponsored by both the Artist and Leisure painter Magazines and has attracted entries from throughout the country and abroad.

The exhibition of selected works ( 70 in the professional category and 70 in the leisure painter category ) can be viewed on line. The exhibition which is being held at the Patchings Arts Centre at Calverton in Nottinghamshire runs until the 18th July.