Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mixed media

It is on occasions, great fun to play around with different mediums and combining them in unusual ways. The monochrome painting below was done using charcoal, conte, soft chalk and gouache. It is of an old jetty at Felixstowe Ferry on the Suffolk coast.

I began with a piece of MDF which I primed with a couple of coats of acrylic gesso . I then sketched in the composition using charcoal. I used conte crayon for finer detail and soft chalks to soften and blend large areas like the sky. At other times I used gouache in certain passages, e.g. a lot of the background , but overlaid it in places with chalk.


Anonymous said...

I have just rescued a picture entitled "Horse and Cart" and it is signed john Glover. It is done in shades of orange. Is this an early picture of yours?

John Glover said...

Dear Anonymous,

I vaguely remember doing an etching of this subject (or even possibly a lithograph) whilst at Glasgow School of Art. If you were able to e-mail me a photograph of the work, I would certainly be able to identify whether it is indeed by me.