Friday, May 7, 2010

Stolen fish recovered!

The mystery of the stolen painting has been solved! According to the Cambridge Evening News, the painting of a" Duba Fish" was taken by a love sick teenager to give to his girlfriend. What strange things love drives us to do! On reading the newspaper's headlines over the theft,however, the aforementioned young romantic was filled with remorse and handed himself and the fish in. The artist chose not to press charges and , as the newspaper reported, the thief was "let off the hook!"
The artist in question rose to the height of stardom. A geophysicist working in Cambridge, she was however billed as a "Hollywood animator" and someone who had worked on "Gladiators" in London, much more eye catching than a trip to the Arctic! Where would we be without the sensational British press?

All in all a bizarre tale, worthy of any "soap".

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