Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Rowan Foundation, Cambridge

On Thursday afternoon I visited the Rowan Foundation in Humberstone Road, Cambridge. This was as part of a link that is being forged between it and the Cambridge Drawing Society, of which I am a member.
The Rowan is a charitable organization that "offers work experience and training for people with learning difficulties". The hope is that we at the Society will be able to offer and share some of our artistic skills with students there.
On my arrival, I had little notion of what to expect , or how the afternoon was to be structured. After a brief introduction , I was shown a large supply of art materials. From these, I selected some pastels and paper and decided to do a quick portrait of Amie, one of the tutors. I am delighted to say that this caught the attention of the students who appeared fascinated by the process and quickly lined up to have their own portraits done. In the course of the afternoon, I produced 10 sketch portraits. It was an absolute delight to witness how excited and engaged my sitters were. Having caught their imagination, I will hopefully be able to build on this in the months to come.

To see the work that the Rowan Foundation does , please visit their website, or call in to 38-40 Humberstone Road, Cambridge.

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