Friday, November 8, 2013

Cambridge Drawing Society Autumn Exhibition

The Cambridge Drawing Society recently held its Autumn Exhibition  at the Leys School in Cambridge. Over 240 works were on display from drawings & paintings to prints and sculpture in what is a magnificent, almost cathedral like,  setting.
Over 200 people attended the Private View, including the Mayor, Councillor Paul Saunders. Sales were brisk, despite the economic downturn, and at the end of the exhibition, a healthy profit was achieved.

As usual, the public was asked to vote for their favourite painting and I am delighted to say that one of mine was selected. Titled "Ill Fares the Land", it is my commentary on modern day society. It is not a comforting painting to look at. Some people found it disturbing others said it was  thought provoking.
In my next blog, I will talk about the ideas behind it and how it was constructed.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The art of the self portrait

Why do we paint ourselves? Is it for purely practical reasons when  no other models are available? Is it because you don't have to worry about the model not turning up, fidgeting, being bored or falling asleep? Is it because you are in total control of the production, or at least think you are.
Is it an act of vanity or deception ? This is how I would like the world to see me, minus the warts. Or is it an act of self revelation where you expose yourself for all  to see? Are you the  actor, the egotist, the victim or loner or any combination? How do different people read different things into the painting?

Below are various self portraits I have painted over the years. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Self portrait 1972
Self portrait 1979
Self portrait 1994
Self portrait 2012
A fascinating book on this subject is " A Face to the World" written by Laura Cumming and published by Harper Press